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Straumann Implant Surgical Kit

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You are purchasing a used Straumann surgical kit with many extras.
The kit contains: 

1 x 040.165 Surgical cassette 
1 x 044.022 Round Burr 1.4mm
1 x  044.003 Round Burr 2.3mm
1 x 044.004 Round Burr 3.1mm
1 x 044.210 Pilot Drill No.1 Short 2.2mm
1 x 044.211 Pilot Drill No.1 Long 2.2mm
1 x 044.214 Pilot Drill No.2 Short 2.8mm
1 x 044.215 Pilot Drill No.2 Long 2.8mm
1 x 044.218 Pilot Drill No.3 Short 3.5mm
1 x 044.219 Pilot Drill No.3 Long 3.5mm
1 x 044.222 Twist Drill Short 4.2mm
1 x 044.023 Twist Drill Long 4.2mm
1 x 044.086 SR Profile Drill RN Short 2.8mm L 25mm
1 x 044.087 SP Profile Drill RN Short 2.8mm L 34mm
1 x 044.088 SR Profile Drill RN Short 3.5mm L 25mm
1 x 044.089 SP Profile Drill RN Long 3.5mm L 34mm
1 x 044.084 SP Profile Drill WN Short 4.2mm L 25mm
1 x 044.085 SP Profile Drill WN Long 4.2mm L 34mm
1 x Depth Gauge 2.8mm
1 x Depth Gauge 2.2mm 2.8mm
1 x Depth Gauge 3.5mm
1 x 045.450 Depth Gauge 3.5mm 
1 x Depth Gauge 4.8mm
1 x 044.701 TE Profile Drill Short 2.8mm
1 x 044.708 TE Profile Drill Long 2.8mm
1 x 044.705 TE Profile Drill Short 3.5mm
1 x 044.712 TE Profile Drill Long 3.5mm
1 x 044.703 TE Profile Drill Short 4.2mm
1 x 044.710 TE Profile Drill Long 4.2mm
1 x 044.590 TAP Short 3.3mm L - 30
1 x 044.591 TAP Long 3.3mm L - 34.0mm
1 x 044.592 S/SP TAP for Ratchet 4.1mm Short
1 x 044.593 S/SP TAP for Ratchet Long 4.1mm
1 x 044.546 TAP Short 4.8mm
1 x 044.595 S/SP TAP for Ratchet Long 4.8mm
1 x 046.460 Adaptor for Ratchet EXT Short L - 11mm
1 x 046.461 Adaptor for Ratchet Short L-18mm
1 x 046.411 SCS Screwdriver Insert Short
1 x 046.410 SCS Screwdriver Insert EX Short
1 x 046.401 SCS Screwdriver L - 21mm Short
1 x SCS Screwdriver Short EX Short
1 x 046.095 Titanium Tipped Tweezers
1 x 046.064 Holding Key L - 85.0mm
1 x 046.024 Spanner
1 x 046.020 Ratchet Consisting of 3 parts
1 x Small Sheet of Pimple Rubber
1 x 9- 650 Titanium Measuring Caliper made by Duckworth & Kent England  (9-651) New RRP around £ 350.00
1 x Torque Handle
1 x Contra Angled Handpiece with Biomet 3i Torque Converter (Code TD-10) 10N/cm Used
1 x Slow speed Handpiece Aesculup (GB151) Used
1 x Calibration Cup Straumann Gold Used
1 x Sterialisation tray Aprox 48cm L x 25cm W x 5cm deep as per photo.
1 x Small trinket Sterialisation boxes Aprox 11cm L x 7cm W x 3cm deep

This kit has been well cared for. There are scuff rings on the plastic part of the cassette and the Aesculp head has scuff marks on it. I think the Duckworth Calipers are of outstanding quality and great for measuring and checking your distances between fixtures. If you purchase the above set new at the current RRP it will cost around  £5390.80. Please note the implant surgical set and the gold cup are made by Straumnann only. The rest of the kit come from independent suppliers. The photos are of the actual goods that you are purchasing.

We take no responsibility for errors or emissions in the description. Any questions please email us on or call us on 01295758563 during office hours. More photos can be emailed on request. This kit is not sterile.

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