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       The Process

Stage 1: 

Download this  to tell us what stock you have and email it to us at

We will reply via email with a recommended guide price of what your stock is worth. If you have no stock number then take a photo and attach it to your email . Please label the picture with the description name and the name of the company you purchased it from.

Stage 2: 

We will arrange for collection, courier or standard post depending on the quantity and or value of your stock.
We will hold your stock safe until such time as it is sold or you would like it returned to you.

Stage 3:

Funds are paid directly into your PayPal Account or you can choose to have the funds paid into your bank account. Please note PayPal and service fees will apply. We have a payment options of paying you on the 15th of each month or when all your stock is sold, the choice is yours (Please note if the 15th day falls on a day that we are not open for business then the payment will be made on the nearest working day). The money will be sent to an account of choice.

There is no limit to the time your stock is up on our website and you may choose to reduce the cost if it’s been up for a while. 

To keep an efficient service operating with next day guaranteed delivery we do require your stock to be on site.

You may have a concern about sending your stock to us as there definitely is a trust factor involved. However, we send our gold out for recycling and we have no idea of the true value and gold content when we send it off. The difference here is that you know the value and amount and you know where it’s going. The goods will remain yours until it’s sold and we can return it to you at your request at anytime. Please note, the cost of returning stock will be covered by the owner of the stock.

Don’t worry about the hassle of itemising your stock, just take a photo for your records, send the stock to us and we’ll itemise it for you

Or If you have a large amount of stock and are short of time to go through it and itemise it all, simply call us on 01625 616209 and we will find a solution.

Please note by signing the stock form means you have read and agree with our terms of trading.