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I am a Registered Dental Technician and I run an implant laboratory.

As dental professionals I feel we have a responsibility to reduce the ecological impact we have on our environment and reduce our carbon footprint as much as this is my idea:

Clincians are constantly under pressure with representatives from various implant companies trying to convert you over to their implant systems and in many instances a decision is made to make the change.  The general trend is to keep your current system as a back up and bridge you through the transition of your new system.

This brings me to my first question?  What happens to your surplus stock and surgical kits when you do convert to new systems? We Can sell it for you.

If you are a first time user and want to try new systems and your budget is tight then you're in the right place or you may just want a second or third kit as a back up for your practice. You are still in the right place.
We want to keep the pricing as competitive as possible at the same time benefitting all. Prices will vary depending on what each customer has requested their goods to be sold at. So if you see a special price, grab it!  There will be nothing wrong with it except for the fact that the seller was happy to part with their goods at a lower price.

There are many systems in market that are almost obsolete and getting hold of parts can be a challenge.  It is my intention to draw out some of those parts back into the market place to help those who are experiencing these challenges, at the same time putting cash back in your pocket. 
Retirement may be looming and you may have some of the rare parts that are difficult to get like the IMZ system.
Just remember while you've just made the change to a new system another Clinician has probably just made the change to the one you've changed from.

The refund policy of many of the implant suppliers are usually very restricted and usually time orientated which are not generally suited to our treatment plans.  We invariably end up with extra components and stock hoping that we'll get to use it eventually.  For most of us they end up clogging our drawer and storage units and in the case of implants just go out of date.  In times of austerity it makes no sense to have 'money' lying in a drawer or storage unit. So, this website is a perfect platform for you to turn your stock back into money!!!  Our aim is to sell most goods at a guide price of around 60% of the current retail price from the implant suppliers including our fee back in your pocket. If your stock is old then you will have paid a lot less for it and thus more money for you. This can vary and is a guide for you as the stock provider. Equally as a buyer there are great savings to be made. We are a company that you can trust and we hold the perfect platform for you to sell your original components from the various implant manufacturers for the least amount of bother.

I intend to market components that may have expired for laboratory use only because even an implant with an expired shelf life can be used as a laboratory analog. This is environmentally friendly and makes perfect sense. 

It makes no sense to have surgical kits dormant in your storage units, it would be far more ecological and economical for those kits to be recirculated and back in use. Most of us recycle gold because we know it has value, but remember all Implant related goods are expensive and surplus stock still has value.  So if you want to sell some of your implant parts go to the sell my parts page.

Alternatively you may just want have a look through our site. You will find a bargain.